Course Details

Nestled in the rolling hills near the prestigious Vandenberg Space Force Base in Lompoc, CA., The Mission Club is an exclusive private facility boasting a breathtaking championship golf course, year-round swimming, tennis & more. Enjoy the good life.

Hole 1

The opening hole offers a generous driving area. A 340 yard dogleg right; it requires an extra club to approach the elevated green. The green slopes sharply from back to front, introducing the players to the challenge and character of our Ted Robinson Designed course!

  • Blue tee yardage: 337
  • White tee yardage: 328
  • Red tee yardage: 315
  • Gold tee yardage: 303
  • White/Blue HCP: 15
  • Red HCP: 9
Hole 2

An elevated tee and a great view of the valley, make this 171 yard, downhill par three an exciting tee shot. The well bunkered, elevated green requires a deft touch if you miss it off the tee, and have to chip on.

  • Blue tee yardage: 171
  • White tee yardage: 156
  • Red tee yardage: 137
  • Gold tee yardage: 137
  • White/Blue HCP: 17
  • Red HCP: 17
Hole 3

Hole number three offers the big hitter a nice birdie opportunity. But for most, it presents a challenging three shot strategic par five.

Be sure to place your second shot to the left side of the fairway, to allow a clear shot to the green. The severely sloping green protects this 495 yard hole, and is characteristic of the demands on your short short game when you play at The Mission.

  • Blue tee yardage: 494
  • White tee yardage: 481
  • Red tee yardage: 471
  • Gold tee yardage: 365
  • White/Blue HCP: 7
  • Red HCP: 1
Hole 4

A solid tee shot is necessary to set up a middle iron or Hybrid approach to the number one handicap hole. Into the prevailing wind, don’t be fooled by the yardage. This is tough 392 yards

  • Blue tee yardage: 417
  • White tee yardage: 392
  • Red tee yardage: 324
  • Gold tee yardage: 324
  • White/Blue HCP: 1
  • Red HCP: 13
Hole 5

An excellent par five. The tree lined fairway puts a premium on straight driving. A three shot hole for most, the well bunkered, undulating green poses a real challenge on your putting stroke.

  • Blue tee yardage: 523
  • White tee yardage: 485
  • Red tee yardage: 467
  • Gold tee yardage: 426
  • White/Blue HCP: 13
  • Red HCP: 3
Hole 6

A slight dogleg right, with a wide driving area. A good chance to relax a little and pick up a par or birdie! The approach offers a short iron into a reasonably flat green!

  • Blue tee yardage: 366
  • White tee yardage: 353
  • Red tee yardage: 349
  • Gold tee yardage: 349
  • White/Blue HCP: 11
  • Red HCP: 11
Hole 7

This straight uphill par three plays longer than the 196 yard measurement. Very deceptive, this might be the toughest, straight forward par three you’ve ever played!

  • Blue tee yardage: 204
  • White tee yardage: 196
  • Red tee yardage: 149
  • Gold tee yardage: 128
  • White/Blue HCP: 9
  • Red HCP: 15
Hole 8

Number eight plays back into the wind, and is an excellent downhill par four. The best position to approach the green is from the left side of the fairway to avoid being blocked out by trees on the right.

  • Blue tee yardage:408
  • White tee yardage: 403
  • Red tee yardage: 394
  • Gold tee yardage: 311
  • White/Blue HCP: 3
  • Red HCP: 5
Hole 9

Number nine is a slight dogleg right, into the prevailing wind. A middle iron approach to a small, bowl shaped green offers a good chance for making a put from any where on the green.

  • Blue tee yardage: 371
  • White tee yardage: 364
  • Red tee yardage: 349
  • Gold tee yardage: 286
  • White/Blue HCP: 5
  • Red HCP: 7
Hole 10

The tenth hole is also into the wind, and the uphill approach to a small green requires enough club, and a solid iron shot.

Beautiful oak tree in the center of the fairway mark this signature hole.

  • Blue tee yardage: 350
  • White tee yardage: 343
  • Red tee yardage: 305
  • Gold tee yardage: 305
  • White/Blue HCP: 10
  • Red HCP: 8
Hole 11

The eleventh is a solid par four. Into the wind, tight and uphill, this is a well earned par.

  • Blue tee yardage: 363
  • White tee yardage: 357
  • Red tee yardage: 342
  • Gold tee yardage: 283
  • White/Blue HCP: 6
  • Red HCP: 2
Hole 12

Truly a great par four, you have to gauge the wind, and place your tee shot 230 yards off the tee, in order to have a clear 160 yard approach into a small, sharply breaking green. Make four here and you’ve proven your metal.

  • Blue tee yardage: 389
  • White tee yardage: 377
  • Red tee yardage: 364
  • Gold tee yardage: 307
  • White/Blue HCP: 2
  • Red HCP: 4
Hole 13

Negotiating the left- to- right wind on this tee shot is your first challenge here. The green is tough to read, making this another well earned par.

  • Blue tee yardage: 164
  • White tee yardage: 154
  • Red tee yardage: 140
  • Gold tee yardage: 140
  • White/Blue HCP: 18
  • Red HCP:16
Hole 14

Number fourteen is the best birdie opportunity on the course. Downwind, and a right to left par five, this short hole has a tough green. Be sure to stay to the left side on your second shot! Play the hole and find out why.

  • Blue tee yardage:524
  • White tee yardage: 493
  • Red tee yardage: 434
  • Gold tee yardage: 434
  • White/Blue HCP: 14
  • Red HCP: 10
Hole 15

Early in the day, this hole plays easier, than in the afternoon. This par four is straight into the wind, and requires a laser straight drive to a tight landing area, or a 240 yard carry over a nicely stocked lake. (Bass, catfish and trout) A small, sharply breaking, two- level green offers a nice putting challenge.

  • Blue tee yardage: 370
  • White tee yardage: 355
  • Red tee yardage: 286
  • Gold tee yardage: 286
  • White/Blue HCP: 4
  • Red HCP: 14
Hole 16

This elevated tee invites you to let it fly off the tee and attempt to cut the corner on this par five. But be careful, there is out of bounds right, a lake on the left, and a brook running the entire length of the hole on the left side.

This classic risk-reward par five gives you a great view of the valley before playing the hole.

  • Blue tee yardage: 530
  • White tee yardage: 512
  • Red tee yardage: 475
  • Gold tee yardage: 344
  • White/Blue HCP: 12
  • Red HCP: 6
Hole 17

Number Seventeen is a well bunkered par three, with a hazard short of the sharply sloping green.

The elevated championship tee also offers another fabulous view of the surrounding valley.

  • Blue tee yardage: 184
  • White tee yardage: 143
  • Red tee yardage: 101
  • Gold tee yardage: 101
  • White/Blue HCP: 16
  • Red HCP: 18
Hole 18

This is a great finishing hole. At 380 yards, this uphill dogleg right plays much tougher than the yardage indicates. Your second shot can range from a fairway wood to a short iron depending on the wind and season. This final green, with a great view from the Ellery room dining area, can be a real challenge. You must negotiate a large hump that bisects the green in the back. Good luck if you are on the wrong side!

  • Blue tee yardage: 381
  • White tee yardage: 372
  • Red tee yardage: 296
  • Gold tee yardage: 296
  • White/Blue HCP: 8
  • Red HCP: 12

Other Information

  • No denim may be worn on the golf course or practice facilities. Appropriate golf attire must be worn at all times: Shirts must have collars and sleeves. Shorts must be Bermuda length.
  • Soft spikes required.
  • Shotgun times will depend on the size of field.
  • Range will open two hours prior to shotgun starting time.
  • Golf carts must remain on paths depending on the weather or follow the 90-degree rule at all times.
  • A deposit is required to secure a tournament date in advance.